Berkeley Lab

Who We Are

Proposal Specialists

The Biosciences Operations at Berkeley Proposals Development Group processes proposals for research groups that receive services from Operations at Berkeley.

Located in Building 977.
Mailing address: 1 Cyclotron Road, mailstop 977, Berkeley, CA 94720

Wendi Corrales (Lead), Room 127, e-mail, tel. (510) 486-5160
Olga Fraga Reyes, Room 143,  e-mail, tel. (510) 486-5123


Contracts Officers

Contracts officers provide institutional approval for all non-DOE proposals and are available to provide guidance to principal investigators and proposal specialists regarding proposal development and submission.

The Budget Office, Reimbursable Group

Located in Building 971.
Mailing address: 1 Cyclotron Road, mailstop 971-BO, Berkeley, CA 94720
Fax: (510) 486-4386

David A. Garcia, e-mail, tel. (510) 486-7283, room 0156J
Responsible for Dept of Homeland Security and DOE M&O contractor proposals.

Alina Leong, e-mail, tel. (510) 495-2833, room 0156G
Responsible for Biosciences non-DOE federal proposals.

Innovation Partnerships Office (IPO)

Marie Rossi, e-mail, (for BSE and MBIB Divisions); and Suzanne Iwatate, e-mail, (for EGSB Division).
Responsible for non-federal proposals (including universities).