Berkeley Lab

Poster Printing

The Biosciences Operations at Berkeley (in room 001-201) is glad to provide poster printing services to our Biosciences staff.  Posters take approximately an hour each to print.  To guarantee your poster is ready when you need it, please get your poster to us at least one day ahead of time.

The most common format is 36″H x 48″W.  

Paper sizes available:

  • 36″

Submit a PDF file of your poster to

Your e-mail should include the following information (missing any of the information may lead to a delay in the printing of your poster):

  • Poster Title
  • Name & Location
  • Phone number where you can be contacted (please include cell phone number, if that is the best way to reach you)
  • PI Name
  • Date/time needed
  • Any special instructions
  • Attach PDF file