Berkeley Lab


The Biosciences Operations at Berkeley provides Facilities support services to members of the Biosciences Area through the support team members at the following locations:

Team Member:

Contact Information:

Support Locations:

Garret Alan Bohlar

Desk: (510) 495-8127
Cell: (510) 333-9500

Buildings: Donner (1), 6, 33, 55, 55A, 56, 64, 66, 80, 84

Peter Marietta

Desk: (510) 486-6031
Cell: (510) 967-6596

Buildings: 86, Aquatic Park (977)


Facilities support requests can be submitted and tracked through the facilities support ticketing system at  Please include your location (building and room) in your request.

Creating a Facilities Support Ticket:

  • Go to: and log in with your LDAP credentials
  • Click the navy blue Create button at the top of the page to start a ticket
  • Under Project, select Facilities
  • For Issue Type, select from the list
  • Add a brief summary and description of the request
  • Include an attachment or add a due date if applicable
  • Use the Component drop down to select your Location
  • Type in the name of anyone who needs to be a watcher on the ticket.
  • Click the blue Create button in the lower, right portion of the window to submit your ticket.

Tracking your Tickets:

  • Click the Issues dropdown tab on the top menu, then select My Open Issues. You will be directed to a list of all of your open requests.

For additional support with the Jira ticketing system, please contact your Facility Manager (Garret Alan Bohlar or Peter Marietta) or Ben Sandmann.


Additional contact information:

  • LBNL Facilities – Business hours: (510) 486-6274
  • LBNL Facilities – After-hours: (510) 486-5481
  • LBNL Facilities Work Request Center
  • UC Berkeley Facilities Services – 24 Hour Line: (510) 642-1032
  • UC Berkeley Facilities Work Request System
  • Aquatic Park Lobby Security Desk: (510) 486-5099
  • Aquatic Park Wareham Security – 24 Hour Line: (510) 708-8840

The Biosciences Operations at Berkeley Facilities Support Team is managed by Ben Sandmann, Lead Facilities and Site Planning Coordinator.  Please contact Ben [Office: (510) 486-7855; Cell: (510) 499-5154] with any support concerns.