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The Biosciences Communications team collaborates with Biosciences Area staff to promote the Area and raise its profile; communicate its staff’s scientific discoveries and innovations; share Biosciences information of interest, both externally and internally; and create communications synergies with internal and external partners.

The Biosciences Communications team consists of Lida Gifford, Lead Communications Coordinator; Greta Lorge, Science Writer (part-time); Irina Silva, Communications Manager, Joint BioEnergy Institute, and communications contact for the Emery Station Operations Center; and Massie Ballon, Public Affairs Specialist, and David Gilbert, Senior Manager of Communications & Outreach, Joint Genome Institute.

The objectives of the team are outlined in the Biosciences Area website section “How to Work with the Biosciences Communications Team.” There, a set of guidelines is laid out to inform the Area’s staff about how they can collaborate with the team.

Contact Us

The Biosciences Communications team can be reached at

Building 33 News Monitors

Building 33 is home to research groups in the Biosciences and Energy Sciences Areas. The television monitors on the 1st and 2nd floor are regularly updated with highlight slides covering these groups and events of their interest. To contribute, monitor content can be submitted via this Google Form; for questions, email Lida Gifford.